The Gift of Flowers~

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Unless you have some serious allergies… many people love giving and receiving flowers. In many cultures, in many countries, and in many generations, for as long as I can remember. I can definitely say that this dates back before my grandfather’s generation, as he was a florist himself. Giving and receiving flowers have an emotion connected to them that we enjoy having and seeing. And have come to realize there’s something much more going on when flowers are present.


Flowers Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The study about moods in relation to flowers is more open to women, as in research about this topic, it was determined that women were more likely to be open and honest about changes in their emotions, and were more likely to be expressive in their faces. The women who received a delivery of flowers, a candle, or fruit to their home showed a higher intensity of emotion, especially positive! Flowers and plants in general are aesthetically pleasing to our minds.

Flowers Genuinely Create Happiness

Everyone has a smile that they dish out for the sake of being polite and for selfies and social media, and we’re so gifted at it that we don’t always realize we’re doing it, but a real true smile is something different altogether. The corners of a person’s mouth turn upward, their cheeks rise, and their eyes narrow, causing tiny crow’s feet or wrinkles at the corners. Flowers bring out a true emotion. In addition to true smiles, those who receive flowers become more warm and engaged, showing social signs of interest by stepping closer to the giver and turning their heads to the side.

Flowers Create a Mood and It’s Contagious

We all know that moods are contagious, so it stands to reason that those who receive flowers are spreading that joy to others throughout the day.   This means that everyone in the office, house, or location benefits from the presence and has more positive emotions as well.

We still don’t fully know what causes people to behave differently when flowers are present, but it’s clear that they definitely have an impact in a positive way. Whether you’re looking to brighten someone’s day or to make a good impression, sending a flower bouquet is the way to go.


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