We do Weddings too!

Just putting it out there….we also do weddings & corporate events.

Let’s give you a brief background on where this all began.. our CEO was born and raised in a small rural town a couple hours outside of Chicago. She is a farm-girl at heart and was brought up in the atmosphere of the flower shop & garden center. Her family name, McCormick is well-known in that area and she still has family back in the small town. Going back to visit 2-3 times a year is still a must for Maddy & Cy (kiddos #1 and 2), and Deck (kiddos #3) doesn’t quite have an opinion yet as he is only 1 year.

Anyways, what started as retail progressed into weddings and events…so Weddings is actually where our CEO, Katie McCormick developed her true passion in the floral industry. Today, aside from our monthly box subscription of flowers, we love throwing a wedding or corporate event to mix things up.

This past weekend, we had the honor of designing flowers for Amy & Ryan in Santa Barbara, California. It was a gorgeous event comprised of 60 of their closest friends and family. Their color scheme was blush, burgundy, gold and greens. Overall they wanted an understated low look for their guests to enjoy talking over long tables. Now the fun part of it all was this wonderful couple met doing rose parade floats. So intermixed with flowers were rose parade floats props. It was adorable and fun for the guests!

Check out these photos of the beautiful day!

Overall we just want you to know that we love giving you a monthly box of wonderful flowers but we are more than happy to do more! After all, we are more than a monthly flower box.

Cheers! #getbold


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