Roses on Display at LA County Fair

Beauty in a Barn

Our CEO showed Los Angeles what she was made of by creating fabulous designs for display at the Los Angeles County Fair that took place from August 31st – September 23rd, 2018.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of show coordinators- Jim Hynd AIFD & Jim Blythe AIFD who put together their ideas and an outstanding design team to showcase work representing “Flowers of the Southwest Today”. The design team consisted of CEO – Katie McCormick AIFD, along side and with the wonderful designs of Luis Calderon CFD, and active floral designers in the industry – Debbie Deis, Richard Carmona, and Stacey Yuccas.

The designs were changed out to keep freshness & beauty week after week and each time was better than the last!

Check out these beautiful photos of devoted time and energy at the fair.

A stupendous representation of floral beauties on a larger scale.


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