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Why a Monthly Flower Box?

When I think long and hard about how often I buy flowers (for myself) it usually comes down to about once or twice a month, more so on the monthly side. When I have flowers in my house I find myself glancing at them and almost always followed by a smile.

When I think long and hard about how often I buy or gift flowers, it is quite often. Flowers are my go-to when it comes to a lovely gift or surprise to cheer a relative, friend, and even acquaintances such as teachers, co-workers etc.

Flowers are happiness. Happiness is flowers. Why not brighten your home or office with a bold monthly bouquet? Why not brighten someone’s day with flowers?

I have three wonderful kids that I love way too much- Madelyn, Cyrus and Declan, and they all have grown to love flowers just as much as I have. Madelyn, age 5, and Cyrus, age 3, at such young ages already understand the beauty of making someone happy by giving them flowers. I love see their faces light up when they see extra flowers from a wedding, event, or the monthly boxes and they get to make something for someone they love. It is a beautiful thing!

So…why a monthly flower subscription box?

1. It’s easy, you don’t have to fret about flowers in your home ever again.

2. It’s a great gift, you can keep it or gift one.

3. It is happiness for everyone in your family.

Who can get a monthly box? Well that answer is easy- ANYONE! This is the perfect gift for a housewarming gift, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, holidays and more! The sky is truly the limit.

I encourage you to check out Bold Blossoms Monthly Flower Subscription. It is affordable, easy, and happiness brought to your life or whomever you are gifting to.




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