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How to keep fresh cut flowers lasting the longest?

One of the biggest questions we get is “How to keep fresh cut flowers lasting the longest?”

It’s summer and well the heat is hitting everyone. We are hiding from the high temps and trying to stay cool. No matter where you get your flowers, lots of us picking or purchasing bundles of beautiful blossoms wonder how can we keep those bold blossoms from wilting within a day or two?

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Here’s everything you need to know to keep your fresh cut blossoms lasting as long as possible:

  1. Cut those stems

Flowers rely on water to stay perky and fresh – you want to make that as short and easy as possible. Trimming the stems of your flowers right before you put them in a vase will ensure a fresh, healthy opening for the water to go up into the stem. Cut the stems at an angle instead of a blunt cut.

  1. Remove Foliage

Remove any leaves that slip below the water line. These cause decay and bacteria to grow in the water.

  1. Flower Friendly Water

If you can minimize the number of microorganisms living alongside your flowers, it keeps them healthier longer. Fill the vase with warm, filtered water and let it sit for a few minutes. Letting water sit will de-gas the water a little, limiting the air bubbles that can gurgle into your flower stems. Add plant/flower food if you have it. The best way to give your flowers a longer life is to change the water every single day.

  1. Where to place?

Place your flowers in a cool place, because this will keep them going a bit longer. Out of the sun is ideal and away from a window that the sun hits.

And that’s it! Four easy steps to follow to give them the longest life. Whether you’re buying a loved one a special bouquet, receiving endless bunches of flowers from others, or receiving your monthly flower subscription, now you know how to keep them from dying within a day or so!

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