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Pumpkin kisses and Harvest wishes

Pumpkins? Sunflowers? Dahlias? Pumpkin spice? Cornucopias?

The summer days are long gone and we are into the crisp autumn nights and some little bits of fall colors… but not too much in Southern California. However, the jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin patches, and Halloween spirit have taken over around town to make up for the lack of Fall Colors.

At Bold Blossoms, we are in the midst of all the seasonal Fall Flowers selecting the best fall selections in the favorite shades of the season – deep reds, beautiful brown hues, blazing auburns, and bright yellows for our upcoming November monthly flower box as well as our Thanksgiving and Holiday Bouquet combo. Whether you’re saying “Cheer up” to a great friend, or looking for ways to make your own home a little bit more inviting, Bold Blossoms knows all of the best ways for you to express yourself this fall season.

What do you have up your sleeve this holiday season?

Say you’ve been asked to help assist in your kid’s Halloween party at school:

Not your favorite thing to do? You could get out of it by saying you have too much on your plate. Sure, or you don’t celebrate Halloween. Or you could try the the flower approach instead! No excuse necessary, and you are off the hook. Kindly decline the oh so attractive offer and make sure our November monthly flower subscription box arrives at the teacher’s door as a symbol of your sincere regrets. She’ll tell the lucky person that does end up helping her out that you’re just as sweet as the gorgeous flower bouquet you sent her. You can’t argue with that, can you?

Ok maybe you don’t have kids… and instead you are a Thanksgiving dinner guest:

Lucky you! You spend absolutely nothing on groceries, the turkey and stuffing makes itself, and the pile of dirty dishes won’t wreck your kitchen or manicure. Your gracious host goes through a lot to make sure your Thanksgiving is full of friendship and laughter (and, of course, delicious food). So think ahead and provide the decorations — it’s one less thing for your host to do! Receiving Bold Blossoms November flower subscription Box or Holiday Box a few days before the big feast is sure to make your host smile…and then run upstairs to happily check one thing off that endless list of tasks to take care of before Thanksgiving Day.

How about- You can’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year:

Life gets busy and airplane tickets get expensive. We understand, as both us owners were raised and have family in the Midwest. Well, start the holiday off right and send Mom our gorgeous monthly flower bouquet that says, “I really wish I could be there.” Sure, she’ll be a little sad to not have you there, but all will be forgiven when a warm, Thanksgiving bouquet comes to her door the day before the big feast. Though you can’t share the warmth of your presence, she’ll be warm with thoughts of you and your kind heart. She did raise a wonderful child, didn’t she?

Lastly, you just want to add that “Bold touch” to your own home:

Fall really is the time of year for friends and family, so take time to make sure your living space is inviting enough for all to call home. A couple of simple details will liven up your place, and these small seasonal changes will show that you care about your home’s presentation. A small burst of color will make your home a bit cozier because flowers make us happy, and being happy makes us feel better. Who can argue with that?

The colors of fall are just wonderful  – shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown and maybe even an added hint of those purples. Being from the Midwest, I crave these colors around this time. They highlight the decor of almost any home, and flowers in these shades bring a comfortable feeling into every room. Treat yourself and your loved ones with fall flowers and decorations from Bold Blossoms, and enjoy the fall season that much more. Cheers!


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