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It’s Beginning to look a lot Like…..

THE HOLIDAYS! Already – I can’t believe where the time has gone. We are in the midst of gorgeous fall weather and many have already started decorating for the holiday season. I am eager to do so also but am awaiting the after Thanksgiving feast to jump on that band-wagon.

I am definitely looking forward to creating a gorgeous holiday bouquet of reds, whites, greens and more! It is one of my favorite times of the year and even more fun to throw some flowers into the mix.

What can you expect to see in your BOLD BLOSSOMS holiday bouquet you might wonder? Well as most of you know nature can very well take its’ course but will do our best to include these beauties below.

A sneak peak into what you may get:

Red Roses: these are a must and absolute. Red Roses mixed with tree greens are just stunning. Red roses are also the meaning of love. We love to spread the love this time of year.

White Orchids: this premium flower will impress. It is stark white and perfect to wow guests visiting, as a gift, or even to have the month of December in the office.

Christmas Tree Greens: these are another absolute and must. They will give your bouquet the overall feel and smell of the holiday season.

White spider mums: this flower is in the chrysanthemum family and impresses with its’ spider like petals. It also is stark white and pretty against the reds and greens.

White or Red Carnations: carnations get a bad rap for being “cheap” but in all reality they really aren’t. Traditional, yes! Cheapest flower, no. Carnations date back to the early days and are beautiful in their own- also long lasting.

These are just a handful of flowers we hope to include in the December box! If you haven’t done so already- sign up for a monthly flower subscription or give the best gift anyone could ask for – FLOWERS!

Cheers and happy feasting this week!

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