The Best Flowers to Brighten your Home this Summer!

It’s safe to say we can all agree: summer is amazing for so many different reasons (and sadly it is almost over)! Who doesn’t enjoy hanging around the beach or pool sipping on an ice-cold beverage?

Lately however, it has been so hot that it is a bit too much to handle. Going outside becomes a sweaty struggle which results in a lazy day inside (no judgement from us!) Well, thanks to gorgeous summer flowers, you can easily bring those bright and beautiful vibes right into your comfortable, AC-filled home. Uh… absolutely!

So, which flowers are the best blossoms in the summer? We’ll walk you through it. Here are our favorite seasonal flowers that only bloom during the hot summer months.



Marigolds and their fabulous, goldish-orange blooms have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their many uses and recent movie presence. Marigolds can be dried for long-lasting floral arrangements. Strip the foliage from perfect blossoms and hang them upside down. You may see “marigolds” listed as edible flowers. In fact, it’s the flowers of Calendula—not Tagetes—that make great additions to a summer dish. Recently marigolds had a magical presence in Pixar’s recent hit Coco. And we’ll be the first to admit, marigolds looked stunning in it.

So if you’re going for a classy yet understated summer flower, then you could do a lot worse than some fresh marigolds! Plus they’ll add a nice touch of color and culture to your home.


Although hydrangeas bloom from early spring all the way until autumn and are considered one of summer’s classic flowers, they—surprisingly—like a lot of shade during sunny days.

Even more surprisingly, hydrangeas can alter their color depending on their acidity and iron levels. So if you have a garden with hydrangeas, why not experiment with your soil and create some stunning color combinations?

Hydrangeas get a bad rap for not lasting very long in a vase, but really they just LOOOOVEE water! Make sure you add water daily if you have those big blossoms in your home!



Dahlias are perhaps the most versatile summer flower, considering they come in nearly every size, shape, and color.

Want a miniature dahlia that’s only a few inches tall? No problem! What about an incredible blush dahlia with a bloom the size of a dinner plate? Sure thing! Or how about a two-toned bloom that’s super spiky and looks like it’s from your kid’s monster/alien book? Again, dahlias can make it happen!


Sunflowers have long been grown for their seeds (consumption of seeds and oil made from seeds), but many sunflowers are showy and beautiful flowers that are excellent in a cut arrangement. If there’s one flower synonymous with the hot summer months, it’s sunflowers. I mean, “sun” is right there in the name! Sunflowers have this ability to make one smile instantly!

Fun fact: sunflowers are composite flowers, meaning that each “sunflower” is actually made up of thousands of tiny flowers in its huge central eye.


Another seasonal flower almost always associated with summer is the daisy—the epitome of cheerfulness! On an absolutely adorable scale from 1-10, we’re giving daisies an 15!

The name “daisy” comes from the Old English word meaning “day’s eye”. They get this strange name from the fact that they close their petals over their central eye during the nighttime hours before opening them back up in the early morning, just as the sun starts to hit.


Most of the previously mentioned flowers made the list because—let’s be real—they’re freaking gorgeous and pack all the necessary summertime feels you’d ever need. But lavender, on the other hand, has it all especially the scent!

So if you want a flower with a next-level smell and way above-average looks, then lavender is the right summer flower for you. If you display your fresh lavender without adding water to the vase, it will dry on its own and extend its vase life indefinitely.

Fun fact: Lavender’s strong fragrance intensifies as it dries.

Bird of Paradise

There’s no mistaking the bird of paradise. The flowers look like colorful birds about to take flight. This is a tropical plant that needs lots of sunshine and warmth. It makes an eye-catching cut flower, although it may need help coming out of its shell!


Zinnias come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and the flowers can vary wildly from small and simple to huge and complex, very similar to Dahlias! Some zinnias resemble dahlias or scabiosa, while others rival sunflowers for height and size. Zinnias like dahlias can be in so many colors, shapes, and sizes that you’d think they were different flowers!


Now that you know which flowers bloom in the summer, why not have a fresh Bold Bouquet of seasonal flowers hit your doorstep every month!

We can guarantee it’ll brighten up your home and get rid of any summertime sadness you might be having!

Enjoy the last days of summer! Cheers!

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