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Monthly Flower Subscriptions in a Nutshell

I’m sure you’ve seen ads for different florists…especially around the holidays and most of the time it is for seasonal flower delivery. While that is wonderful to think about flowers at the time of need, it certainly would be a change of pace to think about them always and even better monthly or bi-weekly.

Flowers to me are a luxury. They are beautiful, full of life, add happiness to my day, and even my kids love them! They just brighten the room and say “Happy!”.


Who: Monthly Flower Subscriptions are the perfect gift for a loved one, a great way to enrich an office/restaurant, or even something for yourself. Plan ahead and have them delivered at times of need such as a teacher gift, anniversary and other holidays! Honestly the sky is the limit on what a flower box can be used for.

Why: The best part about it is it is easy! The monthly flower subscription boxes that require minimal work are right up my alley. I don’t have to fret and just chop & drop it into a vase.

When: Often we realize we haven’t had some blossoms in our house when we are preparing for company, a party, or just feeling down. Rather than realizing you haven’t had flowers in your house for a couple months, get them monthly or bi-weekly! Let a monthly flower subscription box do the work for you!

What: Having a wonderful mix of flowers already designed and ready to vase is amazing! Bouquets that are arranged but not designed while are beautiful take more work. As a busy mom of 3 kids, I love having something beautiful, easy, and fresh delivered to my door.

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