What’s In Season Now? March 2019

As the rain pours down, we begin to see the spring flowers emerge. In colder parts of the US, you are emerging from winter (well at least we hope so!). As I walk my kiddos to school every morning, we talk about what we see. We are loving every bit of the daffodils, the magnolia trees, the forsythia and the start of the tulips.

I feel like at this time of year, the flower market is an explosion of gorgeous flowers. It makes my heart beat faster seeing all the pretties to play with.

And the colors! Every bit of them are on point. From reds, yellows, and oranges to blues, purples and vibrant pinks- it is just glorious!

We are coming up on our March bouquet and we are so excited to use some of these Spring fancies to warm you up.

Now if you haven’t already, sign yourself or someone else up for the spring explosion that is about to take place at BOLD BLOSSOMS! Warm up a heart, home and more by sending some fabulous flowers.


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