Floral Workshops & Classes: Why should you come?

Why DIY Design & Craft Workshops are a MUST?

The influx of DIY workshops across the nation is a sight I love to see! With colorful storefronts and beautiful projects hanging inside, the streets have been given a cheery break from yet another pawn shop or gas station. The evolution from the Paint and Sip culture to a DIY Craft Workshop setting has been a nice break from the strict painting trend. There are many reasons why DIY Craft & Design Workshops are a must, and I’ve narrowed it down to the top reasons. Check out the list below for the top reasons DIY Workshops are a superior choice for a day or night out with your friends and family!

1. Make something you’ll be proud of and proud to give!

With the streamlined process of designing, assembling, and learning at most DIY Design Workshops, there is a clear stopping point. You can take it home and admire the professional finished design instead of wondering what else could be done to make it look better. Clear finish lines are always a plus in our book!

2. Customization

Everyone says that handmade gifts are always better, so make them one that is truly special! Having the ability to make custom projects make DIY workshops much more unique. Even though you still gather with friends, sip some wine, and do an art project together, each participant leaves with their own one-of-a-kind piece of art.

3. Project collaboration

If you tried to work on a painting with a partner before, you’ll know that it hardly ever works out well. Even painting the kitchen wall with two people can get complicated. I have yet to come across a Paint and Sip style class that allows a couple or two friends to work on the same project.

However, at DIY Workshops like Bold Blossoms DIY Workshop, it’s easy to collaborate on one project with your loved one, friend or even your kids! We even encourage it. One day you will all look back on the project with fond memories and not stress wrinkles. Learning how to collaborate on any kind of project is immensely helpful in today’s society. It teaches adults and children alike how to effective work together and share ideas.


4. Diversity of Personal Design Collection

Let’s face it, you only have so much wall space for paintings. There are only so many bathroom walls to fill as a last resort unless you’re really trying to make the garage bright and colorful, too. DIY workshops have endless project choices for inside or outdoors and not just for the walls. Perhaps a centerpiece for the coffee table? Succulent planters by the windows? A new wreath for the front door?

5. Company Party Fun

So, stuck on the next company holiday party? Might I suggest taking everyone to a DIY Bold Blossoms Studio! Not only will it build the team’s co-working skills and raise patience levels, it’s always hard to appease everyone’s likes. With these workshops, each person can choose their own project and not be confined to painting birch trees like everyone else. Design & Craft workshops are good for all types with all likes and preferences! Not to mention you will be helping everyone out with holiday gifts for the year. Teach your team to think outside of the box!

6. Confidence Booster

More often than not, I hear people exclaim they are not artistic or crafty at all. This is usually followed by a scoff, eye roll and change of subject. Personally, I appreciate the DIY Projects because it is teaching those who “aren’t crafty” that they are happily wrong. By joining any one, two, or even three hour long workshops, you are learning important skills as well as getting a much needed confidence boost.

I love DIY for the reason that it brings incredible joy to those who create it but also those who view it. Knowing that you made the wreath on your door on a random Wednesday night while drinking wine and actually found it fun and easy is a confidence booster everyone needs.

7. Bring your Kids, Your Snacks, and Especially some Wine!

Yes, you can still bring wine and snacks to most DIY workshops, but unlike most paint and sip workshops, family-friendly classes are a common theme for DIY workshops popping up. And for those days when you leave the kids at home, a little bit of bubbly won’t make you cut your hand while designing flowers. It might even make you feel more creative!

The environment that these workshops create always seem more inviting for families than traditional paint classes. There is more space to frolic around without worrying about tipping over someone’s easel.


And our last topic but certainly not least and perhaps the most important: freedom to create your own style! DIY craft & design workshops have developed a more personalized method and individual experience than most classes with the availability of one of a kind projects and not the re-creation of the same thing.

We see a similar evolution with DIY Craft Workshops and the freedom to explore many methods and projects. This helps eliminate the fear that their project won’t look exactly like the one example provided and leaves more chances to be creative and free.

I think it is safe to say we vote for DIY craft workshops over paint classes any day. For the freedom, the wine and the confidence, we strongly suggest you sign up for one soon! Don’t forget to to bring snacks, drinks and good company.

Enjoy your time so much that you want to go back already? We thought so 😉



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