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Included in your box is a “Care Instructions” card. Follow these simple instructions.


Below we will give you a more detailed Flower Care to give your Bold Bouquet the maximum life if you choose to follow! But for sure do the simple steps on the card.

We have carefully arranged and shipped your Bold Bouquet to ensure maximum life, once they arrive to your desk or door.  Following these steps and process will help in keeping your flowers looking fresh as long as possible:

  1. Remove ribbon tie & plastic delivery packaging.
  2. Separate band and wet pack from the base of the flowers.
  3. Rinse stems under water and remove any loose foliage or wilted petals.
  4. Cut each stem up to 1″ (inch), on a 45 degree angle with sharp scissors or small pairing knife. If you have a shorter vase, you may need to cut off more than 1″. Use your vase as your guide.
  5. Choose a clean vase or container and fill with room temperature water.
  6. Add flower food (included).
  7. Your bouquet is designed and held together with a zip-tie. In order to maintain the hand-tied design, we recommend leaving this on. If you prefer stems loosely designed, you may remove the tie prior to placing in the vase.  To maintain design, hold the bouquet with one hand, snip the zip while still holding the bouquet. Place directly in vase and bouquet will spread loosely on its own.
  8. Refill vase with water as necessary. Flowers take up water so will need a refill every day or two.
  9. Some flower varieties last longer than others. Your blossoms will look their best if you watch your petals and remove anything starting to expire.
  10. For maximum longevity, keep blooms out of direct sunlight in a cool spot.

To offer you the most time with your flowers in bloom, certain varieties may ship tight in bud form. Stems may not bloom simultaneously; some blooms may fade as others emerge. Individual blooms last 5-7 days; however, some varieties may last up to 2 weeks or more.

For more tips on Flower Care, please visit our blog post on “How to keep your fresh flowers lasting the longest.”

Flower Recipe

Our flowers are carefully selected and hand-tied each month just for you!  No two are alike, so your flower mix might vary.  This month the Bold Recipe features the following Tropical Surprise Bouquet:


  • Red Ginger
  • Red Asters
  • Red Pincushion Protea
  • Red hypericum

Filler & Fluff

  • Tropical Foliages
  • Ti leaf
  • Huckleberry

Bold Blossoms Promise

We love flowers! We also love their perfect imperfection.  Sometimes they surprise us with their hardiness and ability to ship with no problems, and other times they are  temperamental and fragile. We do our best to protect our blossoms as they make their way from us to you. However, if your flowers arrived damaged we want to make it right! Please send us an email & photos at


We are pretty much done and thru the summer, so why not surprise someone with flowers? Whether a birthday, anniversary, or showing your loved one flower extra love for “waking up that day” your order now.


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