The season for Reds, Whites, Golds & more!

We are so excited and feeling extra festive this week! Thanksgiving feast has come to a close and we are in full holiday Christmas mode. The red, white, peppermints and silver & golds are coming out. You often will see some occasional unique holiday trends of amber, blues or purple colors but we always stem back to the good ole traditional reds, whites & greens.

We’ve started working on our December box and are giving you a sneak peek. First of all, have you considered combining ornaments with flowers- it sure is a great accent. We use plastic so we don’t have to worry about anything breaking in and against the flowers. We also use pipe cleaners to secure then into the flowers properly. The overall look though of the ornaments in combination with flowers is absolutely perfect- CHECK IT OUT!


Flowers are the perfect gift for someone near or far. We obviously love flowers and love to see the happiness on your recipients faces. Let me give you some perfect gift ideas:

Do you have a relative in another state that misses you and would love getting flowers every month?

Do you have a friend near-by that loves flowers and really needs a pick-me-up for a couple months?

Do you have someone you are trying really hard to figure out what to get for the holidays?

FLOWERS! You can’t go wrong and I promise they won’t be disappointed. So, hop on Bold Blossoms and order a month-to-month, a three month subscription or even a year prepay- we promise to keep you and them happy!

Happy holidays!

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